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HGH Factor's Powerful Ingredients

Because HGH Factor is both an HGH Stimulator and Releaser, the formula is divided into two separate lists. The combination of HGH stimulator and releaser results in huge boosts in free circulating HGH. That means faster muscle growth, speedy recovery from even the hardest workouts, and stronger bones and joints. You can actually feel the difference with HGH Factor.

HGH Stimulator

L-Glutamine - Responsible for maintaining the body's nitrogen balance. Nitrogen helps regulate circulation and is required for muscle growth. During times of physical stress the body requires additional L-glutamine.

L-Lysine - Assists in calcium conservation for stronger bones, cartilage and collagen.

L-Valine - Helps muscles repair themselves and grow. Also aids in post-workout recovery.

L-Isoleucine - Helps increase endurance and repair muscle tissue. Also used by athletes to elevate energy levels.

L-Arginine - Increases levels of growth hormone in the body. Also accelerates tissue repair to reduce recovery time following an injury.

L-Ornithine - Increases human growth hormone levels. Also helps reduce fatigue following exercise.

L-Glycine - Strengthens bone and muscle tissue. Also helps form creatine, a substance which promotes muscle development and physical endurance.

HGH Releaser

AstraGin™ - A specialized sports enhancement compound made from Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng, AstraGin™ maximizes the effectiveness of the other ingredients to promote increased energy and growth hormone levels. The Astragalus found in AstraGin™ is believed to have age reversing effects and promote immune health.

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HGH Factor: Stimulate your body's production of Human Growth Hormone